roll for 6max 36man hyper sat shootout

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    • tonypmm
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      It depends on your risk tolerance (incl. alternative income sources), but generally it's tighter than even for 180-mans, because of both the quasi-winner-takes-all structure and the shallow stack sizes (resulting in smaller edges of regs over fish).

      I don't know what ROI regs have there; those tourneys are somewhat softer than an average 6-max hyper, so I'd expect 10-15%, but the variance is so big that my BRM recommendation for someone with average risk tolerance in this case is... bout tree fiddy :f_biggrin: (~350 BI, no kidding).

      There was a blog about these satties, try to add its author rubberduckie000 (or a Russian poster beermixtoday, who also played them) in the community tool.
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      I'd go with 400+ bi's for STT 6max hyper satties , and for these shotouts, idk tbh, maybe even 600+ if you dont like going down in stakes. I mean, downswings can be beyond brutal there.

      However, these numbers would suit my needs, maybe you could do it with less, the only thing I can certainly tell you is that playing these with 100 bi's or less is a pretty high risk even if you are jorj95 :)

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    • manosellas
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    • chuongdk
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      for STT 6max hyper satties my biggest downswing is about 100BI, so I guess 150-200BI is ok with me
      for 36max, I prefer 1000BI as the variant is much much more than 6max