• rofliwin
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      Hello! I am here to get my game as good as it can be. I hope to make a stir around here and to be very active. I play mtts and sngs, mostly, on bovada. I feel like I have a mostly decent game, but could definitely work on some spots. Thanks for all the help to come!
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    • gadget51
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      Hi rofliwin and welcome to you! :)

      So it seems you're already a happy winner then! It may help your cause to upgrade your status on here, which would give you access to higher content strategy articles, videos and live coachings. It also gives the chance to post trouble hands or situations in the hand evaluation forums for our coaches and judges to advise on.

      I obviously don't know if that would be to your liking, but if it is, here is the link to the Buy Status Shop:


      Alternatively you can visit the shop at any time by clicking the tab at the top right of the Pokerstrategy Home Page.

      Meanwhile, I hope you have a great time here, but if there's anything you need help with please just ask and we'll see what we can do for you.

      Very best regards,

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      Welcome on the forum!
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      Welcome to PS!