Can't play, can't even join tables!

    • goodguypete
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      Hello, i'm new at WH.
      Problems from the start - when I try to join any table, only thing I see is an empty table, can't take any seat, nothing.
      Sometimes an error that table is currently closed.
      First I saw some weird error that gaming is disabled for some reason and now nothing.
      I tried reinstalling and disabling antivirus with no effect.
      What's going on?
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    • VorpalF2F
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      Hi, goodguypete
      Welcome to !

      Have you successfully played at other iPoker skins?

      Here are a couple of things you might try:
        run the poker client as an administrator
        only select tables that show players already seated at them.
        uninstall the client, then re-install it.
        do a full reboot, then run the client as the only program running.

      If it is still failing after all that, use the live chat feature to contact their customer support .

      Let us know what happens,

      Best of luck,