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      hello forum,
      it's me again, it will be my x try to start a serious blog
      i am recreational poker player with some succsess and some losses.
      haven't played poker serious for some time, used to play only freerolls and go from what because i was saving money for trip to italy. i spend 5 day in italy(2days traveling by bus, slept in Czech), also joined accordion contest during what time, took 3rd place and i am super happy about it because i did not plan it but 8hours of last day rehursing and i played my best :) on holidays what i missed the most was poker. so i decided to deposit my last 190$ to pokerstars and full tilt and i hope what time from poker refreshed my mind and i will play better than ever :D i hope to keep this blog seriously and i wish myself and all of you best of luck =)
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