3-bet pots

    • Michailewic
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      Is it +EV to be ready to go broke with AQ+, JJ+ when hit hit TPTK or overpair (or better) against one villain if, on the flop, he raises you (if he is IP) or c/r (if you are OOP) assuming that villain bets preflop, you 3-bet and villain calls;

      a) flop is dry - villain is agressive
      - villain is passive

      b) flop is drawy - villain is agressive
      - villain is passive

      And what if villain donk bets the flop?

      If the flop is drawy and villain raises you (or c/r), is is better to shove or
      just call and then c/r villain bet on the turn (if it is a blank)?

      When should we be afraide of villain hits has a set on the flop (in 3-bet pot)?

      Let's assume that we are both deep 100BB.
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    • davidangel
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      This question is quite broad, and requires more context to answer properly as no answer is a blanket. Best bet is to post/read hands in the forum and ask EV questions.
      In SSS the calculations are easy, push or fold to 3-bets.
      In BSS you need stats or reads for your villians hand ranges, you also have to play for pot control, SD value etc.
      In general I like to know if the villian is a chum or a shark in addition to aggresiveness, as the chum often holds the hand that you beat. With JJ+ as overcards you can go broke easier, villian often calls with TP or overcards. If villian donkbets I would raise 3x for information.
    • TribunCaesar
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      As said before there are no ways to play by default. I suggest to post the hands in the hand evaluation forums where you are unsure and ask your question there. It's easier to give an answer if you have an example and an exact situation.

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