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    • SRwtf
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      Wasup guys
      22 year old guy over here
      Just started out with playing poker 4 months ago
      I used to play VERY rarely, like once every two months at the MOST before that
      I remember trying to pick up a poker ebook 2 years ago thinking I wanted to learn, but back then I just had a look at all the graphs and terms and said hell no, lol

      Now a few months back I really really badly wanted to take on poker as a game and get as good as it gets
      I bought a book by david sklanksy - on limit holdem ... which is kinda retarded 'cause I didn't want to go for limit holdem ^^
      I started reading and tho I had problems with the whole outs/odds/range thing after a while I got kinda used to it - in my top games I even nailed the heck out of it, like I had it in me.

      Anyway, I still have MANY flaws, still play worse than I can deliver and still do some major fish mistakes that I recognize just after I've done them.
      But I've also seen improvement, when I think about how I had ZERO idea of how to actually play this game.

      So I really really wanna get good and I don't mind putting hell of an effort into it, I just need some pointers to get there I guess and that's how I ended up here.

      You all look pretty pro to me from the way you handle the information. I still can't believe that you guys (at least the upper half) uses allllllllll this stuff (like ICM, Pot odds, effective stacks and raise/call vs raise fold/ranges) in every hand you decide to play. Seems wicked.
      At times I find it hard to even calculate what the odds are that the pot offers me

      Anyway thanks for this service, ps guys!
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      Hiya 22 year old guy over there and welcome to the English Community sir!

      I think we can nearly all relate to, '...and still do some major fish mistakes that I recognize just after I've done them.' You are not alone! :D

      Now, a great way to help keep focus and track your poker journey is to start a blog. Many people have one, even the mighty ones and coaches.

      Here's a link to our blogs forum, just start a new thread, give it a name and off you go, easy game!

      Also, there are our hand evaluation forums. Post hands, have a discussion about tricky situations and you'll learn very quickly that all the ICM/raise/fold/odds/outs stuff isn't nearly as scary as it first appears to be.

      and here is the link to our Strategy section, just click for the game type you want. :)

      I hope you have a great time learning and Let's hope we see you posting a lot on the forums.
      Meanwhile, if you need any help just ask and someone will be along very soon.

      Good luck and best regards,

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      Welcome, good luck on the tables =D
    • SRwtf
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      Thanks :D
      So far I'm only willing to deposit 10 euros at a time and even though I win a few rounds/Sit and Gos and then bam I lose a lot of money with one hand or happen to "fall victim" to a bad beat and start tilting so bad
      I remember having a good start, finishing 3rd in 2 SnGs and then deciding to play some NL Zoom with a fourth of my BR as Buy-in to pass the time. I hit top pair and have ace as a kicker (AQo). Some guy keeps raising and reraising me until we're all-in and he turns around his pocket kings and I start losing my shit lol
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      Hi and gl :D