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POV PS VIP Prague party report

    • LemOn36
      Joined: 07.02.2009 Posts: 2,087
      The day has finally arrived, my first Pokerstrategy VIP party.

      This was me meeting online regs for the first time ever for that matter. Thanks to my now worldwide recognized victory in the PS HU Championship and my freshly acquired diamond status I made the list.
      Damn you dota that took 2 weeks off my grind this month else I'd go to Wroclaw as well :]

      First order of business still in my home located town about an hour on the victory bus away from the glorious capital was quite naturally The Gym because granted some of the players were expected to be better than me, but DO THEY EVEN LIFT?

      I've arrived 75 minutes too early, just to be sure. I decide, quite naturally to meditate on a bench next to some local homeless gypsies for half an hour because granted some of the players were expected to be better than me, but are they ZEN even?

      I've mindfully observed the local muff passing by and also a large pigeon performing a mating dance next to a female pigeon. Dude scored and they pigeon french kissed. Foolproof way to pickup females for the inevitable night club appearance later? Acquired.

      The meeting point was ingeniously selected as "Franta's cafe". It wasn't a cafe at all, at least not for several generations it hasn't been. It looked more like this

      Thank you Jesus for making me a douche bag and wearing a stars black chip hoodie - One of the Czech Community freelancers has thankfully approached me. We've become great friends since then, but naturally I have no clue what his name was anymore :(

      Then, finally we've approached the main group of poker players. Obviously I have been expecting a massive flock of nerds with spots and nerd glasses, but the reality couldn't be further from that assumption. This was the coolest looking group of men and women ripped with muscle and haircuts executed by Justin Bieber's very own hairdresser. I have naturally snatched a picture for you guys

      Finally we were off to the place of the event. It was a place beyond Prague in the middle of nowhere with abandoned buildings around. It looked like we are going to become stars and make a continuation of this piece of art, but actually in real life

      That did not transpire, and instead we were graced with a beautiful view of an ancient castle where the food and drinks would be served. It actually turned out that someone has built this castle 12 years ago from scratch, because why the fuck not, making it four times younger than the chick I hooked up with later that night, but I am getting ahead of myself here.

      What happened inside is a word of legend now - a magnificent feast, anything your taste buds could desire was there - pork goulash, pork roast, cooked pork, more pork. I could go on.

      The conversations were sharp, the moods were high and many intellectual topics were attacked from all angles, I learned many many things that night like:

      1) FL still exists, and people make money at itChristuff FirstTsunami are basically rock stars at this ancient form that many thought waslong lost in history, along with Atlantis. They even received praise from fanboys all night long.

      2) Pointless theory arguments irl drunk are just like your usual skype group and forum clusterfucks. Except you are actually cool when you're power drinking and all people at the table are nerds as well. About 65% of the time, I won these every time by the way.

      3) Two people in the room, me and FirstTsunami come from Starcraft background, with elky and Grrr... also playing this proves you can't achieve greatness unless you have said background.

      4) When Germans and polish get shots of vodkas, they say "cheers" drink half of it gently, say "cheers" half an hour later and gracefully finish the second part of the shot, even slower that time.Up until that point I was not aware men in those countries get blessed with gentle female organs upon birth.

      5) I've actually learned a bunch of stuff about PS, there's a Czech community I've not rly visited very often, Playtech bought PS (I never knew :O ) the staff and admins are awesome online and irl.

      After moods were powerfully enhanced by rich fibre, quality carbohydrates and the perfect mix of B vitamins contained in served free beer served we moved over to a retro arcade to compare skills. I destroyed everyone at Tekken 3, and even induced tears in some people's eyes. With Jin Kazama and one buttons when he does that totally op spin. There were Dance offs ( I din't beat anyone, but got the highest subjective artistic marks. From myself.) I almost managed to kill the T rex female in Jurrasic park, no big deal.

      Around 11pm with our nerdy sides, shot drinking and poker argument sides satisfied the bus has returned us back to the capital. The night did not end there though. After the Czech community folk departed for some local club, us 3 English speakers headed off to Karlovy Lazne, to score some strange. This club was dubbed "shit with 13y olds" by the locals from pokerstrategy, but we paid no attention to those haters. As literally countless scientific studies have shown* Poker players are the most desirable group of people to the other sex known to man - and with less of them there we had better chance at scoring.

      The average age was actually 18, all foreign chicks there. Immediately I went in to test a hypothesis of a couple cheesy pickup lines, and went to use the surefire way to score that macho pigeon taught me earlier. I tried hard to balance my ranges by
      - hitting on 16y olds
      - hitting on fatties
      - hitting on hotties
      - hitting on the same chick twice in a row with the same line without knowing
      - telling chicks I hate them but my pal told me I'm wrong

      When all seemed lost and frankly in theory hot dumb 18y olds are the dream but it just wasn't the case anymore I have decided to widen my range considerably and approached a group of women in their 40s, just for a laugh. Now as you might recall earlier in the story where I was telling you about the age of that castle - that didn't end there :)

      She was around 20, with about 23 more bonus years of experience on top of that as well, and I totally love her and would have babies with her, except she already has two . One of them almost the same age as me of course
      And we are meeting again at some point :D

      After the club I had 1 hour until the first metro, so I naturally sat down in drunk meditation at Charles Bridge, and even got photographed by someone, possibly by a journalist creating a masterpiece on homless people of Prague.

      After that I got lost obviously, but luckily 2 chicks I strongly complimented by calling them "semi-hot" (which they didn't appreciate for some reason?) and some Irish fanboy who said he was a bronze star showed me the way.

      I made it still heavily steaming to my 90year old great aunt's flat at 6am to her great delight, and fell asleep, happy, and satisfied, thinking of my antique lady.

      :diamond: :diamond: :diamond: :diamond: :diamond: :diamond: :diamond:
      These events are all my personal views, with mere about 15 beers drank during the night they should be very accurate though.
      Thank you all organizers and attendees (the polish SnG Dude - add me on friends man -,-) and hope you enjoyed the read
      I will try to introduce myself to the Czech community soon as well and get a bit more engaged there, there's some great people amongst staff and players alike there.
      It rekindled my desire for poker again for sure after a 2 week break, and I will be doing a 140hr (incl. gym, meditation, directed study etc.) in 14 days challenge next month, prolly post here as blog.

      *unless counting to zero counts
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    • Hucas
      Joined: 08.08.2010 Posts: 7,745

      very nice overview. It was a pleasure to meet you and I am happy you enjoyed the night.

      Originally posted by LemOn36
      I will try to introduce myself to the Czech community soon as well and get a bit more engaged there, there's some great people amongst staff and players alike there.
      Definitely +1, you won´t regret :s_cool:
    • Brozian
      Joined: 18.03.2009 Posts: 1,205
      Great read, very funny and suprisingly accurate :s_biggrin: