Can I register another account to get strategy points?

    • alaird
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      I recently signed up to your website and noticed that I need to collect strategy points in order to read and watch more strategy components. I registered to Mansion poker but lost my capital and have no intention of putting any more into it as I find the players and software terrible to play against. I am also concerned about the amount of threads which state they have problems in withdrawing funds from that particular site. I have been playing at betfair for some time now and have gained over 3500 betfair points under another alias, I have also been fairly successful and recently withdrew over £350 of profit from a starting capital of £15 with no problems at all. I have won lots of S n G's and have been placed at MTT's a lot and prefer this software. Am I able to register my other alias with you to gain strategy points? Many thanks
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    • hepcat
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      I don't think you can register your other alias at betfair here but I'm not sure. But you can get strategy points on other sites if you signup through pokerstrategy.
    • Chiller3k
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      Hi alaird,

      I don't know if we can retrack existing betfair accounts...
      I'm certainly sure hat we can't if you signed up with signed up there with a bonus code of an other affiliate.
      But if you didn't I think it would be best to contact our support and ask them if it is possible to retrack your account.
      But just to make that sure: you won't get strategy points for the points you already earned on that account.

      Best regards,