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tell me

    • Balltas
      Joined: 13.01.2011 Posts: 103

      I made some interesting calculations and I wonder if its right.

      This calculation includes (for simplification)

      asuming oponents will never fold.
      you play only pocket pairs
      pocket pairs are not delt on blinds.
      yuo never bluff.
      yuo never protect your blinds.
      yuo fold all other hands than pocket pairs.
      yuo fold anything after the flop except set or better.

      so odds to recieve a pp is 1 out of 17 times ~5.88%
      so we need to pay 8.5 bb on average to recieve 1 pp.
      if you want to see the flop you usuall have to pay 4 (as to PRF or call) more BBs thats total of 12.5 bb asuming you never hit pp on blinds.
      now if you hit you play and fold if you dont.
      yuo can hit 1 time in 7.78. its around 12.7%

      so playing like this yuo need 98.43BBs on average to invest to hit a set or better on the flop.

      I am using holdem manager I dont know.. maybe besides BSS strategy I should use like blind steals - resteals based on statistics?
      How are you improving your winnings? tell me whats on yuor mind. what straetgies are you using and how do you configure them.
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    • VorpalF2F
      Super Moderator
      Super Moderator
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      Hi, Balltas

      Pocket pairs are only 1 small part of an overall game plan.

      If you have a pair 6% of the time, and hit 12% of those, you'll have a set less than once in a hundred hands.

      But hitting a set is not the only way to play (and win) with pocket pairs, so although your calculations may work in that situation they don't cover all the angles.

      If you are dealt PP you can raise pre and
        get a chorus of folds and win the dead money
        get one or two callers, CBet and take it down OTF
        have your CBet called and hit your set OTT or OTR
        win at showdown w/ best hand unimproved <- probably most common

      But probably the best part of your post is this:
      maybe besides BSS strategy I should use like blind steals - resteals based on statistics?
      Blind steals are a major part of BSS. By all means take stats into account, but steal all you can get away with. Have a look at the starting hands charts, and you'll see that from the BU you can open a LOT of hands.

      Even if you don't USE the SHC, you should be aware of the opening ranges for the various positions.

      Best of luck,