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Mss -> Bss

    • Balltas
      Joined: 13.01.2011 Posts: 103
      is this can be applid to BSS?

      I mean if you have a similar startig hand in BSS like AQ at tale position.
      You raise preflop get called. Then you miss the flop on dry board but you are in position and your oponent checks - you bet.

      on the turn Q comes and you have top pair you bet and get called.

      Now the river card is blank but FD completes. The chart says yuo should bet/raise
      But in this situation yuo wont go all in becasue you have like 150BB's at that moment so what to do? bet/3bet once? fold to 3bet? call a 3bet? 4bet? 5bet allin?

      Is this a good play?

      Is there any chart for BSS I think i should be more complex but still.. I would like to have one. :)

      one more question. How to notice if they have a set? How far yuo will go with yuor top pair?

      I really want an opinion on winning players in this situations:

      1) you are holding top pair mid kicker
      2) top pair top kicker how yuo play
      3) middle/top fluch draw / OESD
      4) pverpair like 99-JJ / QQ very tricky to notice if yuo are against better overpair

      on each street / draw heavy and dry biards / when facing aggretion or pasivness on each street.
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    • VorpalF2F
      Super Moderator
      Super Moderator
      Joined: 02.09.2010 Posts: 10,752
      Hi, Balltas...
      The problem is that MSS is simplified.

      BSS is too complex to break postflop play into charts.

      The best that can be done is to given general principles.

      Have you read the BSS articles yet?

      one more question. How to notice if they have a set? How far yuo will go with yuor top pair?

      Tough question. Frequently you DON'T notice that they have a set -- a set is a well-hidden strong hand, which is why we put out so much effort trying to hit them.

      So much of your question's answer depends on who the villain is, and what his playing tendencies are. Against an unknown, I tend to give them credit for their first few big turn/river bets. If I know the player, then the fold/call/raise decision becomes easier.

      Best of luck,