Carve your name into Betfred Poker history!

There are now Super Leagues available to all Betfred Poker players:

• League of Bravehearts (Monday): This is for Scottish players only, so if you do not hail from the land of the thistle look elsewhere. (Buy-in: £2 +20p, 10 players advance)

• The Betfred League (Tuesday): This league is open to anyone with a Betfred Poker account. (Buy-in: £1 +10p, 25 players advance)

• The Fishbowl League (Wednesday): Same as every other Fishbowl, however, Wednesdays Fishbowl is now part of the Betfred Super Leagues! ( Buy-in: $3+30c)

• Silver Fox League (Thursday): A League for the experienced individuals who wish to relax with players over the age of 40. (Buy-in: £2 + 20p, 10 players advance)

• Ladies Night (Friday): This League is open to any women with a Betfred Poker account who want to get away from the men for a fun and exciting evening. (Buy-in: £1 +10p, 15 players advance)

• UK League (Saturday): This League is open to anyone from the UK! (Buy-in: £2 +20p)

The top performers from each league will make it through to the lucrative £2,500 Betfred Super Leagues Grand Final Freeroll on 29/10/2014!

Each league will run for an 8 week period leading up to the Grand Final, so there's ample opportunity to qualify!

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