SSS made hand question!

    • jg2000
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      You hit a straight or a flush with only one of your cards+4 community cards.

      Situation would be if I get freeplay and hit flush or straight on the turn or on the river with only one of my cards.

      Does this count as a made hand? How should I play this?

      In strategy section only mentions straight or flush with 2 of your cards + 3 community cards.
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    • Chiller3k
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      Hey jg2000,

      that depends on the flush card you are holding.
      So let's say you are holding the 2 of clubs and on the turn you hit your :club: -flush. I would probably bet it but against reraise I think we are beat.
      The problem with those situations is that actually youa re holding a made hand ( a flush) but on the other hand it is very likely that somebody else is holding a better hand and most likely only better hands will call our bet/raise. So you have to evaluate for yourself if you want to go broke with your hand or not. There is no real straight line you can follow.
      With a straight it's similar. Let's say the board is 9TJQ and you are holding the 8. It's very likely that one of our opponents is holding a king. Well nevertheless I would bet. But against resistance I would give up the hand.
      But if the board is 679T and we are holding the 8 the only better straight would be with 8J. So I'm more intended to go broke here.

      Hope I could help...

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