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    • maythany
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      I am wondering if it is better playing at a small poker site with soft competition, but pay higher rake than Stars?

      According to PTR rake analysis for NL 6 max, 10nl Stars' rake is 10.02bb/100 hands and an ipoker site is 14.4bb/100 hands.

      Generally speaking, most small poker sites usually do have more weaker players. I witnessed this first hand when I played for some time at 888.

      The thing is though, are the players at the smaller sites that much softer than players at Stars that you will make up a 4ishBB difference per 100 hands ?
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    • VorpalF2F
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      Hi, maythany
      I think that there are too many variables.

      How would you tell which was better -- you would need a large sample on each site.

      I even wonder how they determine what the rake is in BB/100, since your VPIP influences that number considerably. Postflop aggression enters into the number too.

      On the site where you got those numbers, do they describe the methodology?

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