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    • BeeChyy
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      Hi everyone,

      So iv'e registered an Winner Poker account through Poker-Strategy, blah blha bonus has been credited to my account no hassle there, Just when i try to join a table, any table, it keep saying that im restricted to playing on other tables.

      I'm very confused as its with every single table im joining, have i not done something i was supposed to? Ive followed instructions to a tee off the Poker-Strategy page.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Kind Regards.

      Dane (BeeChyy) :D
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    • SokAr85
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      if its the free poker strategy money your referring to you'll be restricted to the .02c and .05c tables till you earn enough points or deposit your own funds
    • BeeChyy
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      Yes that's what i referring to, Ive just tried to join a 02p - 05p table and its still refusing me to join.

      The message i am getting is "Your account is restricted to play at other tables"

      No idea what this means as its not allowing me to play at any tables, Can use the balance in the Casino though.. :f_mad: :s_mad:

      Kind Regards
    • Lazza61
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      Hey Dane,

      This is taken from the Winner Poker download guide.

      Why can I only play the beginner's limits?
      If you start to play with your free poker money, there is a bankroll limitation in place which only allows you to play at the limits recommended in our beginner's strategy. As a beginner you can only play stakes up to:
      • No-Limit up to €£0.02/0.04
      • Fixed Limit up to €£0.05/0.10
      • Sit and Go up to €£1
      In order lift this restriction you can either make deposit of at least $10 or generate $40 in rake and/or tournament fees.

    • BeeChyy
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      Hi again,

      No, sorry im still getting the same message no matter what table i try to join the same with the Limits (O.2p - 0.4p)

      *Siigh** :f_frown: :f_frown:

      Kind Regards
    • MikeAK47
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      I had the same problem.

      They now restrict you to playing the "$10 Free" games.

      These games are heads up SNGs with a buy in of $0.75 + $0.25 (yes, 33.33% rake!).

      Initially they only give you £3 to play with, it said something about playing a certain number of games before you can lift the restriction of having to play the stupid SNGs.

      I never really read it, I'll play through the SNGs for a while until I get bored.

      Seems like a crappy bonus... :D

      EDIT: I got bored, uninstalled with $12 in account, pointless grinding these things if it's all I can play without depositing, it's a smart con thought, I'll give 'em that.

      But, as my Father always said "if it sounds too good to be true it probably is".