• Murinjosasha
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      I was told to introduce myself so I will :)
      I am Sasha from Slovenia, I am professional tipster in sports betting. In summers season (not so much Sports) and in any additional time I decided to invest my time (and some money wisely :) ) in Poker as well. I am starting slowly, wanting to know as much as possible before go to next level. I am starting on lower limits, and starting to recognizing tracking software, for which I think is very important. And since I am sports betting tipster I love to to analyze so analyzing hend will be fun :) I read much about analyzing hend is very important. From time to time I play some LIVE tournaments for additional learning and going out :) But know main bussines is grinding online :)

      If you will have any advice for me thank you
      Hope you guys on PokerStrategy are doing well :)
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