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Beating 1/2 NL live game

    • homonculus
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      Hello. Just a forewarning, this will be a long post. I guess the best way to do this is categorize the hands by each day I played. I suppose we can start with what I did right, the first night, and how I could've won more money with those made hands. I am pretty sure what I do wrong, once I start chasing losses I call big bets preflop more frequently and stop paying attention to pot odds and position.

      First night

      So this would make my second live game, although I played online for a few years losing most of the extra money id make from working. I hate my job. My first live game was over in Atlantic City January of this year, I'd bought in for $100, and left the table with $367 after 3 hours of play. I was hoping I'd lose so I could give up and direct my attention elsewhere but I didn't.

      Id just gotten paid from work that day, and was searching all day for a local game. I live in NYC, so the closest poker rooms are in Atlantic City which is nearly 3 hours away and a hassle to get to, especially for gambling since if you lose I imagine its really shitty. I managed to get a location, and showed up. The table was comprised of a couple old guys, who I usually attribute to playing old school tight poker, and some young people my age, early to late twenties.

      There was lots of raising preflop, average pot was usually at least $30 with at least 4 players going to flop. First couple of hands I fold, then I get A7cc in SB, and call the min. I forget if it was a raised pot or not, but the flop comes A Q J, so I have a pair of aces with a mediocre kicker. I decided to bet to see where this pair stood, around $10. This asian guy next to act raised me to $25, I call. The turn brings out another Q, I check and the asian guy bets me all in. I fold with about $50 left. Surely I was upset, but I figured the guy had me beat so in the end I actually saved money on that fold, and it ended up paying off a few hands later.

      In earlier position, I'm dealt QQ. Someone to my right raises, and I reraise to $15, eliminating most of the players at the table, except one person, an older guy in later position. When he called I prayed for a low board, and it comes out sure enough

      K 9 3 rainbow.

      At this point its my turn, and I just shove my remaining like $16 bucks, saying, gee dude, I hope you don't have a king. And he goes, nah I don't have a king, and flips over 9T suited. I was very, very pleased with myself, but still shitting my pants because of the way the game is and go, "9 or a Ten." Board ran dry for the old guy, and I was siting on around $135.

      Now, a hand or two passes by, and im UTG. Personally, as long as I actually follow the rule which is obviously not very often, UTG is my favorite position which I imagine is counter intuitive for that reason. Everyone who plays must have an idea that you need the top 10 hands basically to play from up front. I like to play on that "rule" by either raising from that seat with connectors and/or suited cards, and if miss have the power from preflop raise to take it down anyway with a cbet. Either that, or I'll call the min, well aware of the positional disadvantage that all the others around the table can try and 3bet/exploit, but that's the point. Depending on how big the raise is and how many callers go around, by the time it gets back to me the pot odds will say to call regardless of how weak the hand is. And this is exactly what happened in the following pot

      Right after the QQ double up, I get 69 off UTG. I call. Fold, fold, then there is a raise to 6, and the rest of the table calls. I dont' remember how many players were in this one but it was a good amount, I think the dealer said 7 players to the flop. Flop comes:

      T 8 7, two clubs.

      Now at this point, i try not to look at my cards ever in a hand and have them memorized before the flop, and at this point I thought i had the med/low pair + gut shot straight draw, which I would've folded to any bet starting at $20, because I was playing well that night. Since thats what I thought i had, I checked, some others checked, then it goes "all in for $76," call, call, call. As people are shoving their money in the middle, I finally decided itmight be a good idea to take one last look at my cards before mucking, then realized that I had the second nut straight. I was frightened by the clubs, I mean with that much action at least one person was going for the flush. I stood up, my only focus on the clubs, then when the turn peeled out, I thought of the other possibility: J9. Either way, I was prepared for the worst, and if I'd lost, I would've just gone home and tried again the next time I got paid.

      As it was, nobody had J9, and TWO people had clubs in their hands, dramatically increasing my chances of hand holding up, another had an overpair to the board, TT. I think that pot was around $400, and I raked it in.

      This is a good place to start actually. This is where I start to get nervous, apprehensive, and scared, when with a deep stack like that I shouldve made an additional $200 by putting the pressure on my opponents. So I guess for starters is, you guys out there who have more XP and knowledge than me, instead of being scared and nervous, how would you have continued to win the money with a $400 stack against other $200-$400 stacks? Thanks.
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      Epic first post, homonculus!

      Welcome to !

      Will there be more?

      If so, why don't we move this to the blog section?

      You might want to tell us a bit about yourself, too.

      Best of luck,