HM2 Released

HM2 poker software releases build 8129 with numerous updates.
Leak Buster adds new licensing but the largest updates add new stats for all currencies, a new tournament report and a feature to change the HUD based on the number of players at the table.


Featured Updates
HM-3408 - Added a new feature to change the HUD config based on the ' of players at the table, see this FAQ for details -
HM-4658 - Added $/hand, EV/hand and EV/hour to report stats for all currencies
HM-7834 - Added report to group tournaments by tags

Leak Buster
Leak Buster will require a license server change with this update. Your license will be copied over and you'll be required to re-enter your name and e-mail to complete registration.

HM-7596 - PokerStars - hide sitting out players in tournaments from showing in HUD
HM-7928 - Ipoker - Added support for Twister tournaments which also resolved an issue where those hands caused report issues
HM-5439 - Ipoker - removed sitting out players from showing in HUD
HM-8136 - PartyPoker Fast-Forward - Corrected issue where no HUD was being displayed on Jet 3 & Bolt 2 tables
HM-8162 - Pacific - Added feature to auto detect hand history folders for New Jersey Pacific/888 skins
HM-7532 – Pacific - Improved table size detection for tournaments
HM-7606 – Pacific - Prevent import of corrupt hand histories with missing hand summary
HM-7862 – Pacific - Allow import of renamed/non-standard tournament summary files
HM-7936 – Pacific - Added EV calculations for 8-max Double or Nothing tournaments
HM-8168 – Pacific - added support for SnapCall skin
HM-8404 – Pacific - removed sitting out players from showing in HUD
HM-8392 – Merge - Updated HUD to work on fast cash game tables.
HM-6564 - Microgaming - don’t show incomplete quick-fold hands as errors

HM-8143 - Graph - Resolved issue with currency symbol when displaying winnings in bb or BB
HM-7652 – Filters - Updated hole card filter to work with Zoom/FastForward/Speed poker hand histories

HM-7698 - Resolved issue with settings for number of logs to be displayed
HM-7696 - Resolved issue with HM2 not detecting PostgreSQL 9.3 install
HM-7424 - Resolved issue with player names with backslashes causing a problem with backup and restore

HM-4913 - Resolved isolated issues with tournament filter not showing in the ribbon

HM-8222 - Tiles view - Prevent longer names from pushing action tiles to the right