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    • TJtheTJ
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      Hi nikonie,

      What exactly would you like to know? Perhaps we can help you out as well :)

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      Most affiliates have stopped bothering as the TAF rewards changed over the years and it got less appealing. No idea, personally. Just got that impression.
    • Marta
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      Hi nikonie,

      I'm not sure if the people you're asking will see this topic, so the best way to find out more about the program would be to send an email to (please note that the contact person is on holidays now and will be back on 28.07).

      If you'd need an assistance earlier, feel free to add me in the community tool and we'll see what can be done.

    • darkonebg
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      Hey there,

      Here is a comparison between the old and the new system:
      The future of TAF.

      Most big TAF users reported a result similar or better to the old one.

    • HergenL
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      Hey guys,

      Sorry for the late follow-up, I was out of the office for a while.

      The /partners/ page you found is new, the background is that we are currently in the process of implementing a new tracking system ( for professional affiliates/TaF'ers who can send us a lot of traffic.

      The new system will come with advanced statistics and be completely separate from our regular TaF scheme, but will only be open for select referrers who send enough members to actually profit from the additional statistics. You can imagine that this doesn't make much sense for average Joe who sends us only a couple of new players through word of mouth or so, but systematic referrers often run several homepages or campaigns and with the new system they can much more easily keep track which of their efforts have a good return and which activities are futile.
      More info on this will come when we're ready to launch.

      If you think you might fit this category you can already contact me under and I will see if/how we can work closer together :)

    • JackieHoo
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      Being Affiliates is very difficult,as far as I know.
      You should have one web site ,no blog,no twitter. Indenpendent website,then you
      should have people for visiting your website.
      And you need promise how many people monthly for being your affiliates.
      It's something like that.

      So ,don't be boring. Study at Pokerstrategy ,and enjoy more video and fun of poker.
    • HergenL
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      Hey JackieHoo,

      it is true that we can only consider affiliates who can reliably send a relatively large amount of players for the new tracking system, the reasons for that are mainly practical. Small referrers cannot profit much from the additional statistics and for us it is additional effort to set up everything for a referrer.

      That does however not mean that we aren't interested in working closer with smaller and medium scale referrers as well, so everyone who refers new members systematically (or would like to start to do so) can contact me under and I will see how I can support your efforts :)

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