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    • randombob
      Joined: 18.05.2014 Posts: 174

      I have just been trying to get into ICM properly recently and is there any general rule when SB vs BB changes from a certain hand range to any 2?

      After spending time on SnG Wiz it seems to be if one player has less than 10BB then SB can shove any 2, is this a good approximation to make?

      Also is there a program available where you can enter in the stack sizes & blinds etc and see what ranges each position can shove & call AND then say adjust one stack by a slider, and automatically reduce everyone elses stacks accordingly, so you can see how varying one stack size affects the push & call ranges?

      I can do this manually but it is painstakingly boring and time consuming and you cant see the effect so obviously.

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    • kurrkabin
      Joined: 12.10.2010 Posts: 5,976
      Hi, randombob!

      Approximations are tricky to make as once ICM is involved, it's not just about how many effective big blinds we push sb vs bb. Stack set up has to be taken into consideration, how many players are left, even game flow and other stats/reads.

      As a thumb of rule, you can push close to any 2 at around 5-6bb, at 4bb effective and less, I think more and more ppl are gonna call very loose, which makes pushing any 2 very unprofitable. And more than 5-6bb, it's just too big of a risk for the reward we are taking. You cn try limping, min/raise-folding or calling with 8-10bb for example. But once again-try to approach shallow stack play with a lot of caution.

      Good programs I suggest using are ICMizer and holdem resources calculator.