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Low Pocket Pairs in the BB, facing button open 13-20 bigs

    • larsonk7
      Joined: 10.10.2012 Posts: 137
      *This relates to 6 max MTT's

      I had a situation the other day where I had pocket 2s in the bb, with about 20 bigs

      There were 13 left, 3 tables, 2 4 handed, I was on the 5 handed table.

      The button was raising most hands (chip leader)

      I jammed, which I didn't think was 2 terrible, but the guy called really light. It's not ideal as in he was calling so light - I had just seen him call a shortstacks 4 bet Jam with k8os. Thought he'd fold here given I was a lot deeper.

      Also there is no anti's at play in this particular tournie.

      So in the bb, with 22-55, with 13-20 bigs facing a button min raise what are we doing?

      I think with the 2s hands (given this player was sticky) fold>call>3 bet
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