6-Max Hypers

    • windar021
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      Hey Guys,

      I've been playing poker full time for 4 months now. I currently play mainly FR CG(NL5-NL10), and just feel like I'm not enjoying the game anymore. I decided to play 6-Max Hypers, I do play at stars BTW. Just want to ask about proper BR management for these games. I'm starting at 1.5, which videos do I need to start off.. And which tools. I'm using PT4 and I think I needed to add ICMizer or SNG Wiz? Which one is better and why? I was an SNG player before STTs in particular. Had some break even results before transitioning to CG..

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    • kurrkabin
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      Hi, windar021!

      I will start off with the questions:

      -Bankroll needed-about 200BI at these stakes and 300BI + at higher(7$ and more) stakes. The more, the better.
      -ICMizer outmuscles SNG wiz on so many levels. In ICMizer you can adjust different ranges(not just 25%, but certain hands, f.e. top25 excluding AA/KK/AQ or 25% with no rag Ax, etc), you also have future game simulation tool, you can also save ranges, you have limp EV and more and more
      -as for different tools, there are many, I will suggest also adding flopzilla at some point, sharkystrator could come in hand
      -as for videos-just watch 6max and 6-max hyper games. Most important is proper ICM understanding/shallow stack size play. So investing in a good ICM program such as ICMizer or holdem resources is crucial for your improvement and future success!

      Best of luck.