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      Hey guys what's up, been a member for quite some time. Basically the only reason I did create this account before was for forum purposes. I'm pretty sure I already did create this same introduction before and is already buried somewhere in this thread.

      So just to start it off. My name is Jay, I currently play at pokerstars. You can normally find me 20-24 tabling 5NL, sometimes 2NL depends on time and player pool.

      Been a pro for 4 months now, I started playing poker professionally at NL2. And as most people ask "how can you feed you family and pay for your bills by just playing at NL2?" the reason I can is I was blessed to reside in a country where the value of dollar is just high. Earning $500-$700 is more than what you can normally get in a normal job here. And that figure is definitely achievable at the lowest stake.

      Anyway, I was actively been a member to another training site. However the forum posts there are kinda slow. So decided to probably start posting here instead.

      I'm planning on making a challenge just after this one :)

      So that's it for the introduction, and if you're kinda interested with my story please follow my challenge.. :)
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