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      Damn, I've missed posting in here.
      If some of you don't know me, here's my old BLOG

      Short story: I used to work as a freelance forum moderator for a long period of time here at PS.com and I used to play poker ALOT, made a bit of cash from it.
      Decided to take a step back from the game because it took much time out of other things that I considered more important.

      Anyway, I got a bonus on PKR and thought I'd have a little dabble to see if I can still play and enjoy the game. It will be bumpy because 1, I don't have a very good laptop, my computer shit itself. 2. I haven't played online in easily over a year. 3. I will have no HUD due to shitty computer haha
      So hopefully I can move up limits quickly cause I assume PKR will be soft as a fluffy marshmallow.

      Onto the plan....
      NL2 SH.
      Will decide how many tables I can play on, guessing software is going to be a problem.
      Aggressive BRM, let's go 20BIs on the next limit.
      Ofcourse, Play the best poker in each situation I possibly can.


      Here's some german world cup boobs to keep you interested :f_cool:

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