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    • SneakyhanD
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      Hello guys,

      I am here to make a suggestion that has probably been sound before and I apologize for not checking out if it was or wasn't :-)

      Can't do no harm trying, right ?

      The video player is awesome, it supports high quality streams of up to 1080p which is great !

      One feature that would benefit GREATLY for lots of people I think is extending the player without having to go Fullscreen Mode - just like in YouTube.

      I am of course not aware of the coding and technical difficulty that might stand behind making this work.

      Best Regards,
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    • darkonebg
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      Hey SneakyhanD,

      Unfortunately the current technology of our web page doesn't allow us to resize the player inside the page.

      However, for this reason we have included a pop-out button in the top left corner of every video. Just click it and resize the pop-up as you see fit. That's also a bit more flexible as you are not limited to any other page elements.

      Hope that works for you.