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Colour Coding

    • StartlingGrope
      Joined: 08.06.2014 Posts: 67
      I wonder if anybody would like to share their opinions on colour coding players. This is something I've looked at for a long time and I know many consider it as vital but I really don't see the advantages if PT or HEM are being used.

      For example, I see many players marking fish as one colour and solid players as another. This is all good and well except for the fact that I'm not going to know that until I've got some hand history. By the time I've played 50 hands with them and I see 45/18 then I can be pretty sure they're hopeless. HEM will probably helpfully put a picture of a fish there for me in case I hadn't worked it out. I can't find any scenarios at the table where colour coding will give me more info than an HUD. On top of that, it's just one more thing to do when multitabling.

      I can see why it might be an advantage for table selection but as a low stakes S&G player, I'm more concerned with getting the volume in. I can be pretty sure of at least two absolutely terrible players at almost every table I sit at. Your thoughts please.
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