Pokeroffice for SNG

    • sahists
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      Hallo! I obtained pokeroffice license some time ago and I am wondering if I can use it for sng's Maybe someone can share his experience about using pokeroffice or other tracker stats for sng. Right now I have set it to show Nr Of Hands, Saw Flop %, Flop-Turn %, Pre Flop Raise %, Folded SB To Steal %, Folded BB To Steal %, Att. To Steal Blinds %, Bet Flop %, All-In Pre Flop %. Feel free to give your opinion about my stats selection.
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    • NickParkes
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      Hi sahists

      I use stats as well, but don't rely on them too much in SNGs because the real skill is adapting to different situations....

      The stats I use are:

      No of Hands
      Pre flop raise
      Aggression factor

      I often play around with 1 more like W$SD or ATS etc

      Basically I want to see a general trend, are they tight/loose, passive/aggressive, and to put them on ranges etc...