It's probably asked million times here, but anyway. Currently I play @ PokerStars nl100SH - doing pretty well and have ~5k roll there.

+ good FPP system
+ lots of players
+ good software

Full Tilt:
+ good software
+ datamining!!
+ spadeeye!!
+ rakeback
+ free cardrunners account (not so important)

Both sites have about the same skill on nl100+ I think.

Well, I have some tough considerations. I earn ~11k VPP's per month currently and I'm a platinumstar. Next year I will hopefully become supernova since I will have a ton more time to play (and probably move up to nl200), but - should I still go fulltilt instead, since I would have to tableselect much better at nl200 and higher so datamining and spaceeye is a huge plus.

I think it's not reasonable to play on both sites simultaneously, cause I wouldn't use the full potential of both rakeback/FPP program and it would be -EV.

What do you guys think and suggest. Just stick to one place and get the full potential of supernova (which should be better than rakeback+FTP?)