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Most consecutive S&Gs won

    • StartlingGrope
      Joined: 08.06.2014 Posts: 67
      I was looking around a few poker sites recently and noticed one that does one of those promotions where you win thousands of dollars if you win five consecutive S&Gs or a smaller prize if you win four from five and come second in another.

      I know that the likelihood of doing this is pretty slim (hence the large prize) but I wondered whether it's actually a good incentive for people who play a large volume of games. I've looked over my own history of about 6,000 games and the most I've ever won in a row is four. That said, there are three occasions where I have four firsts and a second from five games, 95% of which are turbos, so this suggests that five in a row is likely to be well on the radar for anybody who puts in a large volume of regular speed S&Gs. For anybody playing low stakes games then landing one of these would seriously boost the bankroll.

      I wonder if anybody on the board has profited from one of these things or if anybody has an anomaly in their stats where they've won several in a row. Judging by the Stars leaderboards, I'm guessing the players at the top must be landing around 50% 1st places from those particular 20 game samples so there must be a reasonable number of 5+ win streaks amongst them, surely.
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    • kurrkabin
      Joined: 12.10.2010 Posts: 5,976
      Hi, StartlingGrope!

      Last time I found a promo like this was on one of the Ipoker skins and I remember rake was much higher than a regular SnG. Which I think makes it quite unappealing and unprofitable ITLR. As you said-you need a very big sample size. Calculate how much extra rake you are gonna pay in order to hit the jackpot, which will take some time ITLR.
    • martinemem
      Joined: 05.07.2011 Posts: 610
      IF you have s sample of at least 3k sngs, you can probably calc it out if its worth it.

      Lets say you pay 2x rake, to win 1k every 2k games.

      You play 3.5$, so thats 20% rake, which is 1400$ paid in rake, where you would pay 700$ normally. So your overall profits is 300$.


      And this is imaginary numbers. To find out, you need to have a sample where you hit the 4x1st+1x2nd i would say maybe 100.

      And that is if u hit it every 2k tour, u need to have played 200k tours. Thats a lot, and the varianse in this is extremely huge, so i wouldnt be surpriced if you play 10k tours and not even once hit that jackpot.

      GL :)