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    • metza
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      How do I put brackets around certain stats? Is this possible?

      I know there is abbreviation but that will only do something before the stat and I am wanting to have ( before the stat and ) after it.

      Can this be done?

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    • VorpalF2F
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      I have done this.
      For example on one line of one panel I have the following stats:

      Flop CBet: Abbreviation: "C("
      Flop Fold to CBet: Abbreviation: none
      Flop Donk Bet: Abbreviation ") D("
      Flop Donk Bet-Fold: Abbreviation: none
      TOT Limp: Abbreviation: ")" <==closes the donk parentheses but has no parentheses itself
      WTSD%: Abbreviation: " (" <== note the space before the parenthesis
      WonSD%: Abbreviation: none
      River Check-Raise Multiway: Abbreviation: ")" <== on this one all Color Range panels are marked as "Off"

      Note: Don't include the quotes in the abbreviations.