[Application] UPAY4DINNER - WCOOP Challenge Package [Sold Out]

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      Hi guys

      All the important stuff is under the spoiler, please read :)


      99% of you all know me at this stage. For those who don't I am Gary, 29 from Republic of Ireland. Married, with 2 daughters. I have been playing poker for the last number of years and have been active here on PokerStrategy since September 2009. I was previously a moderator and then head moderator until a few months ago.

      I have played all variants of poker at one time or another but I have been concentrating on MTTs since March of this year. I have also decent experience in Hyper Turbo formats and have received coaching for those games this year.

      Since March of this year, I have won over $15,000 if bounties, knockouts were included which they are not on tracking sites.

      Key results include:
      Large Field Final Tables

      2/4472 in MicroMillions 7 Event #36 for $5,232
      2/1524 in an $11 MTT for $1,673.10
      3/1720 in a $5.10 Hyper for $774
      5/243 in a $27 Turbo Knockout for $300 (including bounties)

      Large Field Semi Final Tables

      15/9161 in Hotter $16.50 for $549.66
      13/15005 in the Carnvial Bigger $11 for $450.15

      Helpful Links:
      My current blog

      :spade: :heart: :diamond: :club: The Stake :spade: :heart: :diamond: :club:

      I am looking to sell 65% of this special weekend package at 0 markup

      === Friday August 1st ===

      18.30 - WCOOP #01 - $109 -The Big $109 Special Edition

      === Sunday August 3rd ===

      16.00 - WCOOP #06 - $215 - Sunday Warm Up Special Edition
      19.30 - WCOOP #08 - $215 - Sunday Million Special Edition

      === Deadline Satellites ===

      15.15 - $7.50 Turbo Deadline Satellite to WCOOP #06 [50 seats]
      15.25 - $27 Turbo Deadline Satellite to WCOOP #06 [100 seats]
      18.45 - $7.50 Turbo Deadline Satellite to WCOOP #08 [75 seats]
      18.55 - $27 Turbo Deadline Satellite to WCOOP #08 [150 seats]

      Total Buy ins: $608
      MU: 0
      Sub Total: $608


      Percentages: Minimum of 1% please


      1%: $6.08
      5%: $30.40
      10%: $60.80
      20%: $121.60

      Reserves: 100/100

      Gary: 25%
      rubberduckie000: 15%
      totte1992: 25%
      Matt: 15%
      VorpalF2F: 5%
      bogstratos: 5%
      gadget51: 5%
      HamishK: 5%

      I am only taking reserves for this at the moment. Please do not send any money at this point in time.

      This will only go ahead if 100% sold by Wednesday 30th July.

      :diamond: Payment :diamond:

      I prefer that all payments are made to my PokerStars account: UPAY4DINNER (Ireland)

      I can make certain arrangements with Paypal and Skrill if necessary.

      :diamond:P lease view my feedback thread here and I would really appreciate if any new buyer would leave any feedback after this stake is completed.

      :diamond: I will be updating a rail in my Skype channel, PM me for details.

      :diamond: Any cancellations made during this schedule will be refunded.

      :diamond: I reserve the right to play any further tournaments outside of this schedule.
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