Hello friends of the sun, good morning.

We write the year 2014, its half past nine.

After one month and the last night hard work, I am able to present
the one and only, fabolous "TIM".

[B][SIZE=16]"TIM - time is money" Light-Version 1.0[/SIZE][/B]
by ihatewonderbras - bras1.5lightworks (c) 2014-2028

To respect and live with the international standards, this is a in englisch written tool. (but I am not a native.)

note: You have to activate the macro, without --> no screenshot.

note2: For the FullVersion I am able to set it individually, add some more buttons to different pages. Let me know.


Have fun.

Feedback, critics and so on is welcome,
but please remember yourselfes that it is only a Light-Version.

yes, I know the differences between light and lite :D