VanillaGorilla - UK born n bred

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    • sherriffatman
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      Hey VanillaGorilla - let me be the first (probably of many) to welcome you to the Poker Strategy forums!

      - I have been a member here since 2009, and got my start-up $s thru', and I have mostly been a 'lurker' too during most of that time, with just the odd post/comment here and there. (for various reasons, mainly shyness/lazy-itis)

      - you picked an excellent time to 'jump on board' btw, as there are lots of good promos running just now!

      hope you 'run-good' and all the best! :D
    • Lazza61
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      Hey VanillaGorrilla,

      Again welcome to PokerStrategy. com. :) (I already caught your blog)

      I was a lurker but had signed up and taken the free money, disappeared for a while, came back, lurked some more and THEN started posting. Now you can't stop me. :D

      Happy Fishing

    • tonypmm
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      Good afternoon, VG!

      I'm kinda in the same boat as you and esp Lazza, as I made my first post on these forums almost 5 years after signing up, it's by no means a shame, well done by you finally joining!

      I haven't even managed to pass the SnG quiz for the free capital as it was too weaktight to my sophisticated post-Harrington taste :f_tongue: , I have 3 attempts unused; and I hope your game has grown out of it too.

      I can't really comment on 2-card cash games I've seen you choose, as the last time I 'ground' them (NL2) - as a side game to STTs before I hit the PLO10 heater that shaped my career :f_rolleyes: - was 3-6 years ago when I was a math student.

      But the lesson I learned there is that rake can really stop from moving up. Look up in your tracker how much you pay in bb/100, and I bet you'll want to make the most use of VIP programs. I'm not sure how far you're from Supernova, but if you're far, being a Platinumstar is the nut worst. The value of satelliting into the quarterly VIP freeroll ($100-120 a quarter on avg = $220 minus FPPs spent to qualify) and of all-in shootout type promos is sizeable but hardly depends on whether you make 2.5K or 10K VPPs a month. It means that you get less value past the 2.5K mark.

      Pokerstrategy has a ton of iPoker and a couple of Microgaming deals on offer. Their soft might seem less playable, but using a hotkey script makes a world of difference :) I'm actually a bit more comfortable with their clients than with FTP's and Stars' ones (am not used to and annoyed by the behaviour of the latter two in some cases).

      GL on your way to the midstakes, but before taking loose shots there, remember the first testament of poker (imo) - don't play at tables where evidence suggests that your EV (incl. rewards and taking the mental state into account) is negative, no matter how many BIs you have for these games.

    • PaTaPaTaPoNn
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      I lurk a lot too =D