VanillaGorilla on the hunt for midstakes!

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      Good afternoon and welcome to my shitty poker life so far!

      I am a long time lurker on here and I thought I’d introduce myself through a blog. I’ve been playing poker on and off for a while now but never took it very serious, I have been in contact with a coach from another forum and we are looking to get a coaching plan sorted for when I get back home and have the time to study. He has however asked me to get a sample database ready for him, as I have only just bought HEM2 it’s not going to be massive but I hoping to get around 30,000 hands by the 9th of August. As I am pretty shit at poker do you think that will be enough to spot my biggest leaks? I’m currently around 13,000 hands this week and about $60 up, sounds okay but my graph is like a roller coaster! The biggest problem I have is thinking everyone is full of shit and basically being a moron when facing aggression! Oh well hopefully my coach will be able to sort this out pretty quick.

      One thing I have been focusing on recently is developing ranges and positional play, I know a lot of this is very basic for some of you guys but I am fairly new to all this. The thing I am struggling with at the moment is concentrating for long periods of time, I think I am going to have to start implementing structured breaks and de-screening for a period of time between sessions. Has anyone got any tips for this?

      I see this blog as a long term thing hopefully taking me through the journey to small stakes and possibly beyond, it’s not going to be easy but I am ready to put in the work to succeed. I started off with some bad bankroll management but I’ve managed to work it up to ~$310 with the help of some FPP sats and PS bonuses. My whole bankroll is around $2k but I am looking to use $800 of this for coaching and I don’t think I am ready to grind at nl25. I have played there and sporadically and not done to bad, but I think that was luck more than anything! Once I have got a decent sample size size and win rate at nl10 and my coach has sorted my gaping leaks I will move up and see how it goes!

      I’ll post my roller coaster graph and some positional stats later on this evening, after that I’ll post a graph at the end of each week which will hopefully not be like a roller coaster and will be showing a decent profit.

      Thank you goodnight, much love.
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      Hey VanillaGorrilla,

      Welcome to the forums.

      I was initially a lurker here, but not any more. :tongue:

      As for sample sizes, they can be astronomical. I think 30k would be enough to identify some significant leaks, but maybe not all. I wouldn't be surprised if some recommend 100k +.

      Love the name by the way. :D

      GL and keep us updated,