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    • mrk1988
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      Hi Mopenza,

      is your local operating system time set correctly? Have you tried selecting a different timezone in the pokerclient? Is "ET" time available?
    • Ovalman
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      Is Winner on the I-Poker network?

      I'm sure there's a glitch in this software.

      Have a look in C://users/"your username"/Appdata/Local/Winner Poker/History/"Your poker name"

      Substituting your username and Your Poker name with whatever you've called yourself.

      I play a load on I-Poker and contacted support about this who were no help whatsoever.
    • Mopenza
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      Time is set fine, I can chose only WET and Local.

      Ovalman yes its on i-poker, so that hand history map is named with my login username, so should I try changing it to my nickname at tables?