When to move up?

    • ThomDerks
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      Hey guys!

      A few weeks ago I started playing the $0,25cts 45m SNG's, starting with a roll of $10. At this moment I have $27, at which point would you guys advise me to move up? And which stake should I move up to?

      Thanks in advance!
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    • ThatGuyMatt
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      Carry on playing the 25c's and mix in some of the larger BI's.
    • Lazza61
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      Hey ThomDerks,

      It depends on if you want to go from .25c regs to .50c turbos, or to the $1 regs. I went directly from the .25c to the $1s as I didn't like the turbos at the time. 40 BIs would be ok for the regs and 60 for the turbos.

      So you could switch to the turbos at $30 and drop back if you fall to $20 or you could build to $40 and go straight to the $1 regs and drop back at $25.

      As Matt suggested you could also use a blended BRM approach or ABI (Average Buy In). For instance if you 6 table you could play 3 x .25c and 3 x $1 (giving you an ABI of .62c) and apply your BRM to that.

      This is an excellent way to take shots at a higher level but remember to follow BRM.

      Another thing to consider is the regular speed finishes at $3.50 so if you want to stick with 45 manners then sooner or later you will have to switch to turbos.