Advice on live rebuy satelite

    • armo
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      Has anyone played shortstacked unlimited rebuy satelite tourney and have some advices? :)

      The setup: it is $20 entry for tourney, 80 min unlimited rebuys, with a chance to qualify for $1400 main event. If there is not $1400 in the prize pool, then the top3 split the money (50%/30%/20%), if there is $1400 then the 1st place takes ticket and the 2nd and 3rd splits the leftover money (70%/30%). Stacks are really short - 500 in chips, blinds start at 5/10 and goes up every 20 mins (5/10,10/20,20/40,30/60).

      There are about 30 entrants for each statelite. Mostly people push and call all kinds of junk all-in preflop

      So the questions:
      1) Is it even worth to try to this kind of statelite setup tourney?
      2) How would you play this kind of tourney?
      3) When you should stop rebuying - I guess at 30/60 blinds it's not really worth to buy in for 500 chips, right?
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