Hola Desde Argentina

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    • faronel
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      Welcome to the PokerStrategy community, Braian1983!

      As a side question: do you speak any English? In case you are struggling in English and would prefer Spanish as your communication/learning language, I would recommend switching PS page language to "Spanish". That way the settings will lead you to the forum of Spanish community.

      However, if you do speak English, then it is a nice opportunity for you to practice it here even more. You can start by telling us how you got to PokerStrategy; if you already play poker then what are your achievements so far and your plans/ambitions for future?

      Once again, welcome to our great community.

      P.S. Sorry, I do not speak any Spanish myself.
    • PaTaPaTaPoNn
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      Hi, hope you understand English and good luck on the tables =)
    • NutzAreOk
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      Hi braian1983 and welcome to PokerStrategy.com! :)

      I you wish to talk in Spanish I recommend to you PokerStrategy.com's Spanish community. You can find it from here. But if you are planning to stay here, remember that we are discussing in english here. :)

      I also recommend to you to take advantage one of our free money offers to gain bronze status and get more videos and strategy articles available to you. :)

      If you have something to ask about, don`t hesitate to ask it. :)

      Btw. What games and what limits you are playing?