So I got offered my second starting money on PokerStrategy.

"Hi Mopenza, as an experienced poker player and member of PokerStrategy, you have been chosen as part of our promotional test group to receive a 2nd free starting capital of $45 on Winner Poker."

When you've decided to play at Winner Poker, you'll get $10 free money immediately and at first you only can play the beginner's limits. There is no deposit required for this. You'll get another free $30 within 72 hours once you've made a deposit or as soon as you have collected 200 Winner Points.

So I got my 10$ free and I collected 98 winner points by now, my question is When I sing up I am pretty sure it said 70 winner points but now I see I must get 200 points to claim 30$ more, so did they change something recently? Maybe I just miss seen that 200 for 70, but I am almost 99% sure it was 70 points then...

Anyways I am on my why to get these 200.