From zero to PRO !!!

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      Hey guys, let me introduce this blog a little bit. I busted a lot of rolls on PS and I've found out that I need a change. I've moved to 888poker and first day of my playing I've won 120$ in MTT. Nowadays I play 6 max turbos $7 and my roll is $250!
      My target is to stay on 888poker untill june 2015 and make $20k. After this I would move back to Stars to HS 6max turbos. I'll be uploading this blog after every session and I'll write here my emotions, targets, progresses etc.

      I am a little bit afraid of trafic on 888 but I hope it will be good.


      Bankroll: $250

      stakes: $7 6max turbos

      Goals: stay on 888Poker until june 2015/make $20k

      :f_love: :f_love: :f_love: :f_love: :f_love:
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