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Clearing out the first deposit bonus

    • TheLastNail
      Joined: 30.05.2008 Posts: 6,038
      hi everybody out there,

      (for the actual problem description, just skip this all junk here if not interested in some introductory words, and c "THE PROBLEM" ;) )

      I am pretty new to poker community (4 months ago i hardly new the rules of the game) and i ve always considered myself a pure "for joy player". But lately I broke up with my girlfriend :( , it really sucks, but on the other hand I got some extra free time, some of which I would like to devote to playing poker more seriously.

      At the time of my registration here I ve chosen Titan as my starting platform.. i didnt know anything about any of the platforms so i ve just picked one moreorless randomly.. As I ve never thought of myself taking poker any serious I just played some freerols there, once in a while in first 2 months I didnt even know I can multitable or swith to minitable mode.. so I only played 0.10 SNG and 0.01-0.02 cash games :D at one table.. sounds hilarious to me now :D

      Later I ve discovered options of multitabling and I ve got myself back by winning 1 $ at some freeroll from as low as 0.07$ in total :D to almost 500$ now.

      I ve never really thought of depositing any money anywhere, but since the girl really drives me crazy and I want to prove to the world I am capable of earning some money :D :D I would like to make best of the possible bonus systems and I am planning on playing at more platforms now .. esp Pokerstars, Fulltilt, Partypoker (good choices?)

      (THE PROBLEM>)

      But concerning my Titan account.. I am not really sure I understand the new bonuses system valid as of start of November... its just sick I mean.. there is no more rakeback as for summer promotion??? just 5$ for each 600 points I earn? I find it unbelievable.. can somebody explain to me, if u know more.. also> if i continue playing more or less regularly I will soon become silver VIP member of Titan and I am not sure that changes anything... bcs in one article here I ve read I ll get less bonuses the higher level I have, while in some other I ve read the standard rakeback system (10$ for 35$ rake generated) is valid no matter what for all the players..

      And the other half of the question is the first deposit issue> I want to keep on playing at Titan for a while, wait for some changes, if they dont do anything I am definitely quitting playing there, but as I have never deposited there anything, I want to ask about the 200% up to 600$ bonus.. I dont really get this .. does that mean if i deposit 300$ i ll get 600$ instantly or just that I can win it at the rakeback? .. if the latter is the case, I dont really get the "advantage" of depositing, since during the summer time promotion everybody had 10$ for 25$ so... what s really the advantage anyway???

      I am a bit confused about all this, so I hope some good soul helps me out there, so that I can decide whether or not it is valueble for me to stay at Titan at all..

      thanks so much for your opinions,


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    • Chiller3k
      Joined: 16.06.2007 Posts: 4,326
      Hi TheLastNail,

      I hope I can help you with your questions. I'll try to make it short.

      Well concerning your first question: Yes you only get 5$/600TP.
      But if you reach gold status (on titan) you will also receive a monthly loyalty bonus. You can find more information about is here

      If you move up to silver status or above you will get a higher bonus because you will earn more points per raked pot which results in more $$ ;)

      Concerning the 100$ bonus:
      quote from the news
      If you received your starting capital at Titan Poker during the Summer Time Promotion (July 1st to October 31st), you were able to profit from the Summer Time Bonus so far, but didn't have a further $100 bonus to clear.

      Therefore, each PokerStrategist, who signed up with the bonus code PS150 and received the starting capital between July 1st and October 31st, will receive a $100 bonus. For each $35 rake/fee, you will be credited with $10 bonus. You have 3 months to clear the bonus.

      Concerning the deposit bonus:
      If you got your 50$ from pokerstrategy on titan and registered with the PS150 bonuscode you won't be able to get a first deposit bonus.

      And yes the first deposit bonus has worse conditions than the summer time bonus had.
      But the summer time bonus was just a temporary promotion.

      Best regards,
    • TheLastNail
      Joined: 30.05.2008 Posts: 6,038
      thx a lot for the information Chiller3k..

      now I know where I stand and I am definitely leaving Titan :D ..soon