no poker experience

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    • faronel
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      Welcome to PokerStrategy, Jovilyn!

      The game can be indeed somewhat confusing, especially to new players. Yet you seem to be quite interested in learning how to play poker, and maybe become a winning player? :s_cool:

      Can I ask you how much you know about poker in general? Do you know the basic rules (what are blinds and positions; pre-flop, flop, turn and river, what are check, call, and fold)? If not, then the very first thing I would recommend is getting acquainted with this article here:

      It covers all basic rules of Texas Holdem. In addition, you can continue reading other articles from the same section where that first article is taken from:

      This should provide you a general overview of poker basics. And to reassure you, these are not that hard to learn. There is an actually somewhat corny saying that learning to play poker takes 5 minutes but to master it ages. Which basically means that you will become much less confused when you will learn the rules, yet get somewhat confused again when trying to figure out how to win money from your opponents. But that is another story... :)

      Also, what do you mean by "no experience in playing poker"? Does this mean that you have never tried it before at all? Or have to played some homes games with your friends, or maybe a few games on the internet? We would love to hear more about your relation to poker!

      Welcome one more!
    • gadget51
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      Hi jovilin and welcome!

      faronel has given you a lot of very good information, just take a look and if you don't understand something just ask! Easy! :)

      As you can see already, our members are very helpful and friendly and they will keep you going the right way.

      For now, have fun and ask those questions!

    • PaTaPaTaPoNn
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      Hi, you can learn everything from the strategy section here =)