What stats to use playing HU?

    • timukasr
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      I'm thinking of trying NL50 HU cash game out in some days and was figuring what stats should I use, VPIP, PFR, 3-bet PF etc.

      Also what are stats for:

      1)loose player
      2)tight player
      4)passive player
      5)agressive player

      and what is normals WTSD and W$@SD.

      Any comments are welcome :)
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    • srohack
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      i use this stats but i dont rely on them everytime . i use them more to get an idea about who i am playing
      vpip, pfr, af, 3betpre, foldtwo3bet, 4betpre, foldtocbet, WTSD,flop turn river agression factors
      i have this in the hud but sometimes i check some other from the rolling list of pt3

      a lose player looks is a player with high vpip > 55
      a tight players is something with vpip<30
      a maniac has high af and high 3 bet preflop usualy af >5 3betpf>20
      a passive player has low pfr stat <15 usualy and high WTSD>35 but their are passive players with law WTSD as well

      i think a WTSD around 30 with w@sd 55-60 is fine but it can differ from player to player
    • xylere
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      the most important stat is "call from BB", if someone has 50%+ then he is likely a weak player. Then check AF to figure if he is passive or aggressive. passive is better