post bubble with a crazy player

    • davidangel
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      recently I broke a bubble with a healthy stack (about 40BB)
      we are 3 handed with a shorty (8BB) and a monster chumstack (80BB) who just ate the other chum in push or fold. The big stack has no clue and is still push or fold, about 70% of hands. I get KK in the BB and he pushes from SB. Is it ever worth it to fold and see if the short stacker exits in 3rd?

      Form your answer, this is what I did...

      I called and he turns over A4s. He flops 2 pair and FD, I rip a set on the turn, river card..... well, lets just say this chum couldn't lose a hand.
      The bad beat does not concern me, my question is.. does anyone fold for gold here?
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    • NickParkes
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      I would NEVER fold KK here... I am more than happy to risk 3rd place for the win.... especially with KK...

      There are a ton of hands I would fold though.... I would probably only call JJ+ with a shorty at the table... It is possible to fold KK and still win with your stack, but I wouldn't....
    • viewer88
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      Call atleast QQ+ here, a bigger stack will be a huge advantage in headsup.
      Depending on payout structure this call range can adapt, i think you could work this out pretty nicely with the ICM model.
    • slikec
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      Easy call lol even if it would be on bubble for me. I would fold on bubble only if one opponent would have sth. like 3BB left. And even than i wouldn't fold :D I mean KK is monster. I play SSS most time where folding KK is crime ;) So why i would fold KK at 5$ SNG for example;)

      All i wanted to say after bubble you don't fold any pocket pair above TT for sure. 2 or 3 is not much difference