How do you guys balance a wide range in dry flops with low cards?

Lets say you raise any 9s+ any broadway 67s+ 22+ , how do you balance on boards like 8-5-2 rainbow or 7-4-2 or 8-3-3 and so on

I find it extremely hard to maintain correct frequencies in these boards and i basically have 3 choices

1. call with ace-king type hands on the river

2. play an exploitable strategy postflop , something like floating a lot but give
up tons of turns or reraise a lot but still give up etc

3. Play an exploitable strategy preflop , basically raise very tight , no more than 12%

this situation arise mostly on LP where i have wider ranges , mp and ep ranges are easy to balance even in these boards because overpairs are bigger part of your total combos.

Do you think i can do something different ? any ideas?