(Certainly admins should edit this post when they get official information and banners. Also, they could post info about the network-wide €100K depositor freeroll series that's already official.)


See the exact terms at the webpage linked above. They're a bit difficult so I'll explain them in a nutshell.

On Aug 1-16, players will compete in the first points chase. Depending on the points target they reach in this period, they'll get:
1) an instant cash bonus,
2) a pending bonus (that will start being unlocked only after all current pending bonuses are finished or expire),
3) an entry into one (and only one, depending on the reached target) points race (with the prizepool of €3000-€9000) that will run on Aug 17-31 (and count points earned only then, not those earned on the 1st-16th).

On Aug 17-31,
1) those players who will have scored in the first points chase, will compete in their respective points race;
2) those who will not have got a prize in the first chase, will take part in a second chance points chase awarding instant cash + a pending bonus.