Video 2NL bad plays/beats

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    • andiofwbafc
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      I noticed on a couple of occasions where you check/raised the river with marginal holdings. It would have been much better to check/call on those occasions.

      Of course it's easy to say that when I've seen the results of the hand but before villain showed his hands I was thinking why a check/raise there when we don't have the nuts.

      We are only going to get called by hands that have us beat in my opinion in that situation.

      just an observation I noticed. :)
    • mathkid
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      I only watched a few mins but 2nd hand I think was KK u did everything right there and 3rd hand with 47s you were in bb and utg raised and another opponent called and you called. Best move here I think was fold as it was a perfect example of playing oop and how we easily get into trouble. The river gave him a better str8 I think and that is just bad luck/beat(s).

      Next, the KK hand where you lost to quad deuces...again just bad luck.