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need an advice

    • s0diSrespectful
      Joined: 07.06.2013 Posts: 11
      My bankroll is like 50 buy ins for NL50. I want to play on stars 6max zoom but I have a bad habbit of spewing stacks. Is it reasonable to deposit like 7 buy ins not my entire roll and than deposit again if I lose my initial deposit ? :)
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    • pokerboy198229
      Joined: 20.08.2011 Posts: 1,575
      I would first to realize how good is your game to play at 50NL. This is an area when poker starts to get serieus game and u need to understand the things which gonna happen. A lot of people can loan/get money to deposite and will start play poker on higher levels. And even with a good bankroll management they will go broke if they are not prepared for playing 50Nl zoom. The best school is first to beat the micro limts, they are tougn enough, actually. U need that knowledge how to beat the micro's, so u can use it on higher stakes.

      By the way, i would recommend to have a min of 70 buy-ins for zoom play. I would preffer to have a 100bi. Expecially when the game starts to get seriously and u have to make a lot of tough decisions. U play more hands per hour so its increasing the chance of losing. U need that extra =>20bi as an investment for making mistakes, exploring who are the good/bad players, exploiting them etc.

      I would recommend to get a Hud if you are not using one. Hud will help u to
      make more right decisions, expecialy pre-flop and on river.

      My best advise to you would be: start first on 25NL, play at least 30K hands and see if u can beat the game. If u will succeed then you can move up to 50NL.