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Potential topic of video: Underplaying overpairs?

    • FlyingDutchm1n
      Joined: 21.08.2012 Posts: 437
      Hi Skod,

      just wanted to ask you I don't remember if you did a video on bare overpairs already and I know the fish OVERplay overpairs too much which is not good, but in certain spot I know that I am UNDERplaying my overpairs as a mf-er (not great AA and KKs) which is also losing me value and I was thinking maybe you could do a video on overpairs and in what kind of circumstances you would call a big bet on river with just one overpair AA (like bluffcatching with AA or something or would you never do this) and if on the flop you should ditch your overpair when not hitting set or keep on calling or if you should check-raise flops in general on a friendly board (for example you 3bet bare AA and you get called, do you simply bet fold your overpair all the time) and is it ever a good idea to go into check calling mode with an overpair for 3 streets (I personally don't think so) and these kindof topics would be really interesting. The thing is, when I have the choice to 3bet crappy AA but I know that this bet when called (I check villains 4bet stats) and that a call will lead to an SPR of 2,5 or > then I am generally burning money with crappy Aces so I don't 3bet them anymore if I know that the flop spr will be unfavorable for me after a call. In certain spots I have been succesfull in calling down with AA if I have made a note that "villain will bet his overpair as long as it is an overpair to the board, regardless of what boardchanges happen to the board" in situations where I 3bet AA, I get flatcalled and villain donks donks donks JJxx or something but in other spots (against more competent opponents) I feel if I face action, my AA are pretty much worthless. As a wider subject, what do you do with 1 pair inPLO and also if you bet flop get called, bet turn and get called, then I always find myself in the guessing game like this this card make my opponent 2 pair and even on the flop with overpair vs top pair live kickers, your overpair only has 60% equity which is not great (especially not when deep) and the horrible part is that I don't know where I am at often with bare overpairs so I started playing them less (aggressively) but that has definitely also noet been the solution. Sorry for the ramble in this post, but I hope you say like oh this could be an interesting subject and if you have already discussed it I would like to know where.

      Many thanks Skod,


      I also remember from the Tony plo warrios video that he had AKKJ ds and he did not 3 bet them or not 4 bet them I don't remember and that you said but now teh problem you have in this spr situation is that you still need to hit the flop whereas after a 3bet you could just exert so much more pressure on opponent, so I also think this was an interesting topic to discuss in one of your future videos.
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    • Skodljivec
      Joined: 17.12.2011 Posts: 5,709

      i actually made a simmilar video on how to play AA in 3bet pots; you should check it out. I might do a vid on other overpairs too, but since i mostly 3b AA and KK and very rarely QQ-, i think the AA vid applies to pretty much everything.