Disappearing Tokens

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      I have been playing the mega series on 770 poker with my PS tracked account.

      I did well and in the last few days I earned 2x Mega (f) $21 tokens.

      So I entered to tourney with one of them that was due to start @ 15h00 3/08/14. I was a bit worried that it may be cancelled as I was the only one registered this morning. I went out for lunch and only returned just after the start of the tourney expecting to be sitting out.

      Much to my surprise there was no tourney! So I assumed that it been cancelled.

      Even more surprising was that there was no record of the tourney and suddenly I had no more Mega tokens. ?(

      To be precise:

      1) If I go "MY POKER" and then "Tokens" there is no record of my Mega (f) 21 tokens. I had 2 this morning!

      2) If I go "MY ACCOUNT: " and then "VIP & TOKENS" it clearly shows that I should still have my tokens and that they are still active.

      3) "MY ACCOUNT" -> "TOURNAMENT HISTORY" -> clearly shows that I won two MEGA (f) 21 tokens but have not played any of those tokens.

      4) "MY ACCOUNT" -> "TRANSACTION HISTORY" shows "deposits" each time I won the tokens followed by "withdraws" shortly thereafter (as in seconds later)
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