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Ni Hao

    • JackieHoo
      Joined: 06.12.2011 Posts: 479
      Ni Hao=Hello, Hi,guys, I opt-in the forum mission for fun,and this is very interesting for me. I love all the prize! Taf money/Usb stick/Bag! Enjoy poker,and enjoy fun.
      I hope the USB-STICK is in good quality ,not made of China :D , I have a lot USBSTICKs for copying movie to see in USB-TV ,it looks big.

      This is JackieHoo from Chinese forum , I have played poker for over 4 years ,but it's pity not in good progress.

      I studied stragety here ,FL,NL,PLO. BSS/MSS

      I also had Chinese blog in pokerstrategy ,but English forum is much more fun.
      There are still updating video/coaching here ,due to my poor English ,when I saw English video ,it will take me more time for understanding.
      It's pity there is almost no updating video for Chineses Forum :s_cry:

      ?( I saw I have to update this blog at 10 times ,ok ,fine ,I keep my story update tomorrow if you are interested.
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    • Lazza61
      Joined: 23.03.2011 Posts: 11,183
      Hey JackieHoo,

      Welcome to the English community. :)

      I noticed that you opted in for all three challenges. Good luck. :f_thumbsup: .
      Don't forget we also have a weekly raffle to Win an iPad mini.


    • JackieHoo
      Joined: 06.12.2011 Posts: 479
      I just finished my lunch ,I think it's new day for European time.
      Have anyone notice APPT Beijing which was just hold last month in China, wonderful game, the second biggest people in world ,in my opinion. China market is a very big market ,but it seems that leader of Chinese forum never know it(it's said that he quit the job already) ,3723 buy ins(from the news of Chinese forum), CNY3000,less than other big game. It suits Chinese , even the buyin would be CNY1500, I think it will be double for the quantity.

      Anyway, I studied poker for over four years ,but wasting one year for joining some freerolls everywere ,seeking for the fun of getting prise ,and it really gave me some fun.Untill in the second year I start playing NL2, I won't talk much about it. It's simple when I review it. NL2/NL5/NL10 , I couldn't beat over NL10 untill MSS is coming.

      By using MSS ,I earn a lot than before from NL10, which I never beat it over with BSS.Untill the time of April ,2014, PS limited buyin for MSS, I stopped.

      I tried SNG,studying PLO , but I still couldn't give up NL. I try BSS once more,starting from NL5,with USD100.

      I play fr, I tried 6max ,but I still like fr ,I don't know why ,I notice even English video is most are for 6max ,few of FR, but it's ok.
      Poker give me fun ,like otherthings, video game ,taking photos ,chess.

      Now I am start studying some new videos of here,w34z3l.
      6max is something connected with FR, it's ok.

      Everyone should keep learning and it's interesting.
    • JackieHoo
      Joined: 06.12.2011 Posts: 479
      The latest of Pokerstar updating ,causing HM2 stop working for zoom's hud.
      Really pity, I have to stop for a while ,and spending some time for reading.

      Sometimes I have to think about one thing, is poker still profitable or full of good/bad regs and no more profitable.
      I know someone may think you don't learn harder. Yes more and more books regarding poker are published ,and more and more people study ,you could hardly to beat over one fish ,and lucky could beat over you.
      In Chinese forum
      This is the NO.1 player of ZOOM 50 ,who earned the much before June.

      How to play poker better ? I don't know ,I maybe too stupid to learn poker better.

      I miss MSS ,but now it's hard to play ,no poker room offer such policy for supporting.
      Aye ,today is weekend , I should relax myself and go outside for some fresh air.
      Joined: 30.12.2010 Posts: 3,107
      Hi Jackie, welcome to EN community :)
    • JackieHoo
      Joined: 06.12.2011 Posts: 479
      holdem 2 restart work after releasing the 8175, good ,my XP could work once more
      Now I focus on NL5 zoom FR BSS,Pokerstar
      What I feel zoom is a little harder than normal table ,maybe it's connected with more fpps

      I don't know whether there is one rumors about Pokerstar, which is it's difficult to make money on weekend even there are more fish than other days
      I feel it may harder to get money from fish in weekend ,because people get more hit ,is it interesting?
    • Marta
      Joined: 06.12.2010 Posts: 9,991
      Hi JackieHoo!

      Good to have you in the community!

      Your thread title caught my attention! My young son often watches a cartoon called Ni hao, Kai-lan and the phrase sounded familiar. :D

      Don't give up on trying to become a better player, give yourself some time and you'll get there.

      If you don't mind, I will move this thread to our Blog section, I think it fits there better.

      Keep us updated!
    • JackieHoo
      Joined: 06.12.2011 Posts: 479
      I just played zoom NL5 for 2300+hands ,and lost 6buy in :s_cry:
      Some mistakes ,some bad luck. Maybe I run well last week. Anyway ,no tilt.
      Now I have to stop for some break and play at night. But now , in the afternoon,the most tough time for poker time.

      As I mentioned before ,poker is more popular than before ,even cash game for personal,and poker club. But the develop of poker in China ,just like game in China ,which is develoed carefully. You could imagine even with playmoney in China for some app ,which bring lots of benifit. More and more while colar like this game.

      Sometimes I am thinking one question ,do you feel poker is fair or unfair?
      For example : there are 6 players at same table ,three of them are pro, they knew each other ,and stake each other ,the rest three are some bosses or someone else.
      The game level is CNY 25/50 , do you think the game is fair for the rest three people?
      Could you call it cheat?

      I don't know ,but I refuse to play live now ,just play online as it's not interesting.

      Next time I will talk some poker club in China ,it's interesting ,developing and risk.
    • JackieHoo
      Joined: 06.12.2011 Posts: 479
      Yesterday I suffered six buy in down and today I made 5 buy in profit, sometimes poker is with some luck

      I studied poker in 2010 ,and during that time ,we had some family cash homegame with the CNY1/2 ,CNY5/10 ,CNY25/50. There is no club at anywhere.

      After one year , with more and more people know Hold'em ,someone open club for SNG and cash game , but it didn't last long , the Government think it's gamble and police closed these club ,no more games , some people are caught for gathering gamble.

      After months ,some have special relationship with local government got some liscense and start re-open, and they only be allowed to run SNG/MTT game.

      Now ,there are still clubs located in China ,but only with SNG game.
      And HOLD'EM is still at grey area for government ,they could close it any any time they like.

      But people could play online poker wheneven they like. And there are lots of cash game with high level in somewhere of China, around CNY100/200,200/400.
    • JackieHoo
      Joined: 06.12.2011 Posts: 479
      I think I may play 30000-40000 hands of zoom fr nl5 this month ,unfortunetely ,the profit seems only USD30-50, this is strange , one year and half ,when I played normaly table with BSS ,I could earn over USD100+ per month ,I remember one month ,I reach almost USD200 on NL5

      I have to think about ,whether ZOOM is still profitable ,with the sake for getting more FPPS from ZOOM ,the profit is less.

      Or there is another serius issue is coming.Whether POKER is still profitable at ZOOM.
      We play poker ,like other game ,for fun ,sometimes if the profitable which will be better.

      The situation is now for cash which is much more tighter ,and for zoom , no big hands couldn't win more.

      Yesterday ,I watch EPT live on internet , one of the famous MTTer is talking poker.
      CASH is too difficult than years ago, SNG is much more boring. MTT is still profitbable ,but it takes time. As at MTT, more fish there.

      I don't know whether it's truth or not , the poker is tougher now.
      How we should do?
    • JackieHoo
      Joined: 06.12.2011 Posts: 479
      When playing poker ,and sometimes you are tired of playing online ,but play live is one interesting thing. For Chinese ,we could go Macau or Korea for playing.
      But there are some home game which is forbidden in China ,as there are no casino except Macau in China. The game holder buy a holdem table ,invite someone to play his game. And each game the holder take some rake from each pot.
      As poker is much poplular in China ,more and more whitel coloar like the game.
      There are some games like CNY5/5 ,CNY 10/10 ,CNY 10/25 ,CNY 25/50 which could be found. But unlike Macau ,when the level is higher ,the rake will be higher. The holder could make much more money if he/she insist to make the home game last for over 1-2 months ,everyday.
      Some holders start level 50/100 ,more personal ,hiring some pro who play online at least NL100 or NL200. Staking these guys ,and inviting some boss ,rich boss ,and play together. Their target is the boss , the task of pro is making the pot bigger ,as game is tougher recently ,even to a rich one ,when he played aggresive , who would relieze the pro is something tag or lag.
      The pro's mission is to find the chance to make the pot big ,if player are not agreesive , and when they earn some money from the fish-boss ,the holder will share some profit with them.

      As we know ,it's not exist here ,but somewhere else. This is POKER, no more fair for someone.
    • JackieHoo
      Joined: 06.12.2011 Posts: 479
      I really don't know what happened in Chinese Forum for pokerstrategy.
      It's said the person in charge of Chinese Forum has quit already.
      Even with little energy on Chinese Forum ,pokerstrategy is still the most famous of poker forum in all Chinese forum.

      There are lots of videos of Chinese ,and some strategy articles.
      We have no coach live, no Chinese video(no translators),no fun acitivity like English Forum.
      But there is one freeroll every Sunday for Asia people.

      I know why there is no live coach in Chinese ,as people are less.
      But I don't think people in Chinese don't like study.
      The important thing is the poor work in pask for letting people know there is one coach ,or the coach never prepaired the lesson ,that's why people think they could learn nothing from this teacher .

      Yesterday ,one member in Chinese ask why there is no updating for new video.
      The admin told there is no translator ,it's pity.

      Without this support ,how the members over Gold will keep stay at here.
      China is always the big market ,and don't underevaluate it.
    • JackieHoo
      Joined: 06.12.2011 Posts: 479
      Frankly speaking ,I am confused. Reading books,video, checking forum.
      Reading some poker magazines.

      I don't know in which way I could improve my skill better.
      Now I play 2 hours of zoom every morning (4 table with 2K hands),and rest in the afternoon, watching some video of poker ,taking some notes or play 1-2 mtt.

      But poker is evolving every month , but in my opinion ,micro is same as before ,right?
      hitting more and you will earn more ,less bulff ,fold when facing raise.

      Sometimes I don't know how to study it better.

      Umm, I think I update my blog for ten times ,now have the chance for joining the acitivity.
    • JackieHoo
      Joined: 06.12.2011 Posts: 479
      I have stop play poke for years when my baby was born last year. And now I am back for playing poker. The online poker world change a lot ,and I notice my blog is still here. I will update here step by step.
      I am losing USD160 at NL10 for 6max during after world-cup. Now I play NL5 6MAX at normal table.